Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

If you are recently engaged you'll know that being a bride can be a very crazy experience. It is basically like showing up to your first day of work with no prior experience. Chances are you have never planned an event of this magnitude and will hopefully never have to do this again. These factors really have an impact on whether or not you are making the right choices and you might feel like you aren't doing anything right. I can promise you that with a little research and determination IT. WILL. ALL. WORK. OUT! You are not in this alone, and you are not the only one who has ever been through this. Many brides before you have probably had those same "how am I ever going to pull this off" feelings you are having right now!

BREATH, we have you covered! 

I recently stumbled upon an amazing wedding professional's blog: Allyson VinZant Events loaded with advice and help for brides left feeling "lost" and I wanted to share with you all a very important part of choosing the right vendors for your perfect day. It might be easy to overlook exactly what it is you should be looking for in a wedding photographer. There is more to it than just liking their photos, after all these are the only memories you'll have left to physically look at once your wedding day is over. It is important to ask many photographers this set of questions to help benefit you and your Groom on wedding day. All photographers are different and they all include different things within their packages. 


Keep in mind these questions in your search for the perfect Wedding Photographer. On average bride's will spend $1500-$3500 on a Wedding Photographer making it a very important and costly part of your day. You deserve to know what your getting from that vendor. I hope this helps in your search. We would definitely recommend pinning this to your wedding Pinterest board for future reference. Are you a wedding photographer or recently married bride? Tell us what questions we missed, we'd love to hear from you!

As always,