Relationship Goals for 2019

Here at The Cotton Gin, we see examples of love every day. Putting together your dream wedding is our main objective. Although the actual wedding day is very important to us, we also want to see your marriage blossom and thrive each and every day. Maintaining the love and spark you have for each other on your wedding day can sometimes be difficult when life is thrown your way. For this blog post, we have some advice to help you start 2019 with your significant other the best way possible! Here are 5 ways to stay madly in love with your spouse.

  1. Be loving, show your affection!

Start each day with a hug and kiss! There is no better way to start off your mornings and ending your nights with showing how much you love each other.

2. Encourage One Another

Negativity is like a disease. It spreads. When your negative, your partner will more than likely reciprocate that. It is important to lift each other up, even in difficult times. Your spouse needs to always know that they have you in their corner!

3. Make Time for One Another

Although both of you may have crazy work schedules and busy lives, it is essential that you make time for each other. Even if it is just dinner once a week whether it is at a nice restaurant or a home-cooked meal, make sure you get in that time together. Spending time together allows continuous growth in your relationship which keeps that spark alive!

4. Patience is KEY

Neither you or your spouse is perfect and it is important to remember that. We all make mistakes. Be patient with each other as well as show kindness when you feel like getting frustrated. Instead of getting into an unnecessary fight, practice open communication that is calm and understanding.

5. Be Thankful

Remember to show your gratitude to your spouse. Remember, they do have to put up with you! But in all seriousness, in a successful marriage, you are constantly sacrificing for one another. Make sure your spouse knows how thankful you are for him/her. Ways you can show your thankfulness is not only gifts but words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and more!

The Cotton Gin hopes you have an amazing start to your 2019 and a successful and happy marriage along the way!


The Cotton Gin

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