Why Have a Wedding Film? A Note from a Videographer

Often, couples who tour with us, contemplate whether having a videographer on their special day is necessary. Couples will have a strict budget and deem a videographer as a “non-essential” expense.  While photographs are important on wedding day, a video of your day is just as important. Our in house videographer, Ben Alfaro, gives you his perspective of why you should choose to have a videographer at your wedding.


“A wedding film can easily feel like just an extra expense but here is why it’s a necessity. YES a photographer is very important. NO I wouldn’t say you should hire video before photo. I feel they go hand in hand. A photo is capturing a precious moment in time but the film is showing exactly how it happened. A film brings out the emotion of every moment. The infliction of your voice. The excitement during preparations. The emotional connection of how the groom nervously waits for his bride at the alter. It’s essentially a movie of the greatest day in your life. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an out of body experience and watch how each moment plays out. The beautiful part is it’s a film you will treasure forever and watch endlessly.”


- Benjamin, Lafaro Creative Company


So when deciding on a wedding videographer, remember these words. A video can entail every emotion and feeling that was felt on wedding day. As a couple, you can start a tradition of watching it together every anniversary. The video can also be played in the worst times and the best times of your relationship. Video gives you the opportunity to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Classify videographer as necessary for your special day.

ben filming.jpg