5 Unique and Unforgettable Party Favor Ideas

Party favors may be a last minute wedding detail, but it is a detail your guest will take home and cherish! Party favors are an amazing way to connect with your guest and show them appreciation for attending the most special day of you and your SO’s lives! While party favors are important, you don’t want to spend tons of money on them. Here are 5 unique and affordable party favors that your guest will never forget!

  1. “Meant to BEE” Tiny Organic Honey Pots

This unique party favor is a cute yet simple touch to your wedding night. While being inexpensive, guest can appreciate your creativity. Who doesn’t love some delicious honey?

party favor 3.jpg

2. Let Love Grow Plant

This favor allows guest to have a constant reminder of your unforgettable night. Day by day, you and your partner’s love for one another will grow. Give a favor to your guest that does the same!

party favor 1.jpg

3. Simple Smores

This appetizing favor will leave guest satisfied as they get to take this yummy treat home. Just like your wedding, guest will continue to have “s’more” fun as they prepare this snack.

party favor 2.jpg

4. Mini Signature Wines

What a special gift to send your guest home with! Simply buy the mini bottles, make your own label and walah! Your guest will rave about these favors when they know have wine to drink in the fridge, thanks to you!

party favor 4.jpg

5. “Spread the Love” Signature Jam

No better way to “spread the love” by giving your guest something they can use on their food! This favor can be inexpensive. Make the jam, make a label designated to you and your hubs and your guest smile from ear to ear!

party favor 5.jpg

These 5 favors will surely make a mark on your wedding day! Be creative, think outside the box! Give your guest the most unforgettable gift from the most unforgettable night.